The Avoidance Of Truth – Why You Fear Truth

Origin and Definition of Coaching

Origins of the term “coaching” – In the earliest use of the word “coach” it described a carriage; a mode of transportation, that carried royalty and other privileged and successful people from one place to another. In view of the growing popularity of coaching in the world of business, what is interesting is that the next use of the term ” coaching” was in education and then in sports. Only recently, has the term been associated with business.

How to Make Any Girl Fall in Love With You – Yes! Anyone

If you want a girl to fall in love with you, taking the extra steps to win her heart is your best chance. That should make the big difference. Follow these tips to learn how to make any girl fall in love with you.

Three Secrets for Speeding Up Success

I was so excited to have interviewed, Sharon Lechter, bestselling author of Think and Grow Rich for Women last week on Smart Women Talk Radio. The original book by Napoleon Hill changed my life forever. I was just 20 years old when I picked up this book and I was at one of the low points of my life.

Why We Crave Likes and Comments On Our Facebook Posts

It’s been almost 10 minutes and nobody commented or liked on your newest post on Facebook. How is that possible? Did you do something wrong? Don’t your friends love you any more? Do you start to feel disappointed? If you ever had that kind of thinking and feeling after posting on Facebook, you know what I’m talking about.

Death, Regret and Change

We only die once and we don’t know what happens when we do. An Australian palliative care nurse discloses the top 5 regrets of her dying patients. The underlying cause of many of these regrets is the fear of change.

My Issues With Law of Attraction to Manifest Money

Lately I have come across quite a few people who have issues around Law of Attraction and manifesting what they want in their life. Of course I had to look at what I was attracting in this, and realised that I have some very strong views about LOA, especially around financial abundance, and I wasn’t expressing that publicly. Cosmic Ordering I do believe we attract what we vibrate.

The Productiveness of Stillness

To Do List – We had a holiday weekend this past weekend in NZ, I managed to get quite a few things done that I hadn’t planned to get done, and I got nothing done I wanted to get done. I sort of zoned out or found myself sleepy around those tasks on my list. I couldn’t work out why I wasn’t doing them, because a part of me liked doing what I was going to be doing.

Reasons to Hire a Life Coach

Many people do not understand what life coaches do and how their lives can benefit from having some personal development coaching with a professional. You can improve many areas of your personal life with the help of a life coach, and at work, you can improve customer service, employee engagement and your overall business strategy by helping to develop yourself or your people.

Why Do Some Coach-Preneurs Succeed and Others Don’t?

Have you ever asked yourself, why do some coach-preneurs succeed and others don’t? If you are like me, I bet you have. In other words, why are some solo entrepreneurs such as coaches, authors, speakers, trainers, leaders and experts so successful while many aren’t? You may also be wondering, why are there just a few people achieving extraordinary financial results while most aren’t?

How to Hire the Right Life Coach

Having good chemistry with your Coach is crucial. Hiring the right Life Coach takes patience and an open mind. How does your coach stack up?

The Benefits Of Becoming Your Own Unique Life Coach

There are many benefits to becoming your own unique Life Coach and the journey to become one is well worth the experience. It involves looking inside oneself and understanding what motivates and inspires oneself to feel content with one’s life.

Why Hiring A Life Coach Is A Great Idea

A Life Coach can be a positive role model for her client by playing a valuable role in her client’s life. By supporting her client towards reaching her goal by facilitating her client in overcoming obstacles that are perceived by the client to be in her way, a Life Coach provides her client the inspiration to take healthy risks in life that she might otherwise avoid.

What Can Geese Teach Us About Career Transition?

Have you ever marveled at a flock of geese flying in formation on their way to warmer climes? Why do they travel that way? The reason migratory birds fly in a V shape is because the aerodynamics make it easier for them to fly long distances. As the birds flap their wings, the air flowing off their wing tips gives birds in the back an extra lift. This formation reduces the amount of energy the birds need to fly and also ensures that the flock evenly distributes the workload so that they can easily make the long journey to their target destination. Scientists have found that when geese fly together in a V, they can cover 70% more distance than if the birds were to fly alone.

When Failing Is Not An Option – How Stumbling Through Can Actually Benefit You

Failure is a rough thing to traverse for anyone, but it is something that should not cause you to stay stagnant in your life. This article provides key tips to achieve all aspirations whether personally, for a special group of individuals, and for your business/organization.

The Color Is Blue: Learning Your Body Signals

This article examines the role of the prodrome in Anger Management treatment. The author discusses their personal prodrome and then suggests other rage sufferers learn to recognize and trust their own prodrome.

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