How To Turn Insecurity Into Confidence

How To Become Wise

Wisdom is the ability to make sound judgments and choices based on experience. When we associate with wise people, we become wise ourselves since the one who understands much displays a greater simplicity of character than one who understands little. In fact, wise people never judge his fellow.

Integrity: Doing the Right Thing Matters!

Exemplifying integrity on a consistent basis is a choice and whether good or bad, the choices people make can impact the entire trajectory of their life. Having integrity shows that some people are simply more conscientious in making morally sound decisions than others. How wonderful it would be if more people would exercise more selfless choices.

Become a Life Coach CEO

If you have a dream to become your own CEO then it is time to get that dream out of your head and into your hands. You have what it takes to be your own boss, and you can be in a powerful position to help others excel in an amazing way. Becoming a life coach CEO can also help you grow emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and financially!

Healing Through Forgiveness

Forgiveness When it comes to forgiveness we all have our crosses to bear, some of us has been abused physically, some mentally, and some both spiritually and mentally. If you have been reading my Blog then you will know that I have said that the bible was written as an allegory. An allegory is a story, poem, or picture which can be interpreted to reveal many hidden meanings; typically they can be morals spiritual or political meanings.

Who Are You Living For?

You only have one chance at living your life here on earth. So it is important that you live for yourself and not for others. That is a big mistake that many of us make, only to look back years later and feel disappointment and regret because of our decision. We can’t let people determine our destiny. And we can’t let the opinions of others cause us to give up on our goals and dreams.

3 Ways to Pick a Business Idea That Fits Your Personality and Strengths

I often hear that people think that because they are introverted that they can’t be an entrepreneur. They assume that you need to constantly be meeting new people and going to networking events. That is partially true. But there is more to it than that.

Getting The Most Out Of Your Career Coaching Session

Career coaching will help you prosper in your profession. This will also help you better live a happy life. Remember though to work with a reliable coach.

The Power of Your Mind: Use Your Mind to Reach Your Goals

Have you reached all your goals this year? What is stopping you? Most likely your mind is stopping you from taking action. What can you do? Learn the power of your mind.

THE POWER OF BELIEF – All Realities Are Not Invented Equally!

We create our reality about ourselves and about others around us, and those realities will determine our relationships to ourselves as well as others, and who they are around us. Our responses to others, as well as others responses to us are linked to the belief and expectations we have for and about them as well as for ourselves. We create realities, then we forgot we have created them, and then we relate to them as something that someone else put upon us. Others responses to us is a reflection of the expectation we have for and about them. In the wise words of Albert Einstein; “Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.”

4 Ways to Drown Out the Fear

I can write a whole book on fear (in fact, my current book focuses on that issue quite in depth). I write on the ways it shows up and robs people of their God given purpose and calling. When fear shows up, take that as a good sign.

The Psychology of Coaching and The New Frontier for Coaches

The coaching of psychology is concerned with the psychological principles on which coaching is based. Though coaching incorporates many different disciplines, positive psychology is one of the most critical and most effective. Applying Psychology to Coaching The art and science of psychology is used in the coaching realm.

How to Become a Personal Development Coach

If you want to become a personal development coach, there are a few personal assessments to make and a few steps to take. Since there is no accrediting process or licensing requirements, anyone can call themselves a personal development coach, or as they are commonly known, life coaches. But, before you just claim the title of life coach, here are a few things to consider.

Why Coaching Over 3-4 Months Adds More Value Than Coaching Over 4-6 Weeks

Many coaches offer the coaching process of 4 or 6 weeks and then offer their clients the possibility to extend the it. In the field of executive coaching asking clients to prepay 3-month blocks of coaching sessions is standard practice. And now more and more coaches are jumping on the bandwagon by offering 3-month blocks to their life coaching clients. Why does this approach add more value than the traditional 4 – 6-week approach?

Have You Been Missing Out?

What have you been missing out on in your life? That is a question that we should all ask ourselves. And many of us might be surprised at the answer.

A Hidden Secret to Manifesting Financial Abundance

Money can be manifested but it just don’t automatically happen. So many people feel like they are living stuck financially, not realizing that there is hidden money all around them. There is a hidden secret that can cause money to manifest from the invisible to the physical. Now this isn’t the only secret, but it is a huge secret that can make a huge difference!

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