How To Think Like A Genius (Without Being One)

Being Highly Sensitive Is Not Being Hypersensitive

You’d be surprised to find out what the difference really is. Is it biological or being frail?

Opening Spiritual Pathways

Spiritual counseling is not necessarily religious based. Spiritual counseling is based on four basic universal principles. Spiritual counseling is designed to heal and empower.

The Difference Between Mentoring and Coaching

A short description of the differences between mentoring and coaching. I see coaching as being a more internal process which concentrates on the mind whereas mentoring concentrates on the external aspects of what the client is trying to achieve.

Life Coaching And Your Life Wheel

How comfortable is your ride through life? Do you sometimes find it a bit bumpy? This article will explain why and tell you how a Life Coach can help you achieve more balance in your life.

3 Ways to Measure the Effectiveness of Career Coaching

Measuring the effectiveness of career coaching is rather difficult. It’s not like you have a batting average – you got a few hits, struck out a few times – 4 for 8, well, you are batting.500. It would be great if it were that easy to measure the effectiveness of a career coach, but unfortunately, it’s a bit trickier than that.

The Significance of Being a Business Coach to Executives

You are the key! As a business coach you are needed by executives to help them know what their goals are and to put those into action. You are there to guide them in their journey of becoming the best leaders of the economy. Let’s take for example Michelle Woodward, an Executive Coach and Career Strategist. For over 9 years she had been taking on all the places where people get stuck and de-stuckifies them. She has been constantly helping business owners to overcome struggles they are facing and excel in the corporate world.

Finding Your Life’s Purpose: Tips From the Yoga Life Coach

As both a yoga teacher/practitioner and a life coach, I understand that one of the main reasons people come to me for help is that they are searching for their purpose. As we explore the yoga concept of “dharma” we can understand more deeply what gives us purpose and how to move forward with inspiration.

7 Benefits of Having a Coach

This article lets the reader know what the main benefits are of having a coach. It will let them know what a coach does and how this helps them achieve goals and objectives. It will also inform them as to how a coach works with them and what they actually do for their client.

Major Business Problems Business Coaches Solve

Coaches are people who can help other people become better individuals. These are people who have the skills to transform people from being ordinary to successful and help them achieve goals in life. In the business world, coaches are in line with consultants and advisers and their prime goal is to help entrepreneurs reach the success they strive for everyday.

Coaching With Business Strategy Linked

Business strategy coaching is a very important ingredient for company or organization’s success. Proper coaching can lead to smooth development and implementation of business strategies that is more achievable and lessens overwhelming. All coaching actions should aim for success that target inside and outside the organizations by increasing each individuals awareness of their productivity.

Coaching Model for Business Success

Also known as ‘process of transition’, the U-Process coaching for business success is a coaching for transition towards change. The client receiving the coaching can experience change in their emotions, from denial to acceptance and moving forward.

Business Coaching: Collaborative Problem Solving Approach

Collaborative problem solving occurs as you collaborate with another person to exchange information, ideas, or perspectives. The essence of this type of collaboration is based upon “yes, and” thinking- building on and valuing each other’s best ideas.

The Difference of Being a Coach and a Problem Solver

There is a big difference in being a coach and becoming a problem solver, though the two terms seem to be interchangeable. These two roles in life lead to two difference paths to success. So what is the difference of the two? To understand this, we must first we start off on learning what is the role acted by a coach and a problem solver or a troubleshooter.

The Roots of the Business of Coaching

The roots give trees their sustenance to survive. They also are responsible in anchoring them to be able to stand firmly to withstand storms and the challenges of the environment. Just as trees have roots, the business of coaching has its foundation too.

Learn From the Expert: Your Business Will Be on the Right Track

“Business Coaching is all about GROWTH. Business growth. Personal growth. Career growth. As the CEO of your firm, growth is your department”. These are the lines of Suzanne Muusers, a Business Coach expert from Scottsdale, Arizona.

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