How To Stand Up For Yourself Without Starting A Fight

Who Are You and Who Do You Want to Become?

To give a real insight into who we are we need to look deep within ourselves. We need to explore our reactions to situations. We need to understand why we react in that way, what was the determining factor or where did we learn that behaviour. We also need to evaluate our values as a person. What do we believe, why do we believe that and where does that belief originate? Knowing who we are now is the first step to becoming who we want to be.

The Secret Ingredient Successful People Use!

Most successful people recognize the value of being coached. Have you ever considered taking a coaching course and helping others? Where do you go to find accredited coaching courses?

Can a Psychic Coach You for Life Too?

Psychic readings and life coaching may sound opposite but both can help immensely in achieving the same aim, i.e. living your life in a better way. Come to think of it, the word “psychic life coach sounds” like an oxymoron, but that may just be an impression that we have formed. While we believe a psychic to be someone who has powers above the ordinary, the one who coaches you for life may be perceived as someone who is grounded in reality and helps us progress practically. However, these two have the same aim – to help you do better, live better. Therefore, what people are looking forward to is some real help from psychic life coach services about which I shall talk later.

How to Start a Life Coaching Business

Experience how I coach myself to find out how to start a life coaching business. I’ll take a look at my current situation. I’ll move to alternative strategies and brainstorm on new things to do. Last but not least, I’ll pick an action to move forward with, write down when to do it and how to remember it. That’s it. I have an action that’ll drive me forward to find out even more on how to start a life coaching business.

How to Invest Time in Yourself – 8 Inspirational Ideas

Find out what action I will take to invest my time even better and become more successful with my business. I’ll use my coaching method and go through my current situation, proceed to the alternative possibilities and pick one possibility and plan when to take action. Have fun getting inspired all through the article on how to invest your time better.

Why Would Anybody Need A Personal Coach?

I first heard about personal coaching about 12 years ago and at the time I was involved in the world of training with a dedicated commitment to personal development. I already understood that personal achievement could be accelerated by focusing on the three key areas of self-awareness; personal responsibility and taking action, which incidentally, forms the foundation of most coaching models. My introduction to coaching was by pure chance whilst reading a trade paper in a dentist’s waiting room.

How to Become A World Class Life Coach

In this article we teach the most effective ways to help your clients get rid of the limiting beliefs that they have associated with their beliefs. This article is for people that have a desire to help others through life coaching tools and techniques.

The Art of Self-Sabotage (5 Min Read)

How are you sabotaging your happiness and success? Here are the 10 most common self-sabotage strategies and ways to overcome them.

You Made a Mistake and EVERYONE Knows It (5 Min Read)

Maria requested leadership coaching. Having been recently promoted, she found herself struggling to meet her own and team responsibilities.

The Key To Designing a Signature Coaching Program That Sells

There’s ONE word to keep in mind, if you want to design a signature offer or program that your potential clients can’t wait to purchase from you. If your offer is not ______________ to the people you are marketing to, they won’t care no matter how awesome your service is. If your offer is not ______________ to YOU, your selling and marketing is going to suck.

Be Tough On Yourself, Why Do You Need to Be Tough on Yourself?

What motivates us? Is it positive reinforcement or negative consequences? Do we pay our taxes because we want to or because we are afraid of the IRS? I think the later. No matter how much we try to believe positive reinforcement works, it is usually the negative consequences that gets us to move.

Life Coaching: When Friend Meets Teacher

Human life has been made ridiculously complicated, yet more exciting. We are in an age when we don’t have time to think about anyone- including ourselves. Let’s be honest. Most of us have made ambitious plans and dreamed of greater success in all spheres of life, but we struggle to sort out our priorities, goals and commitments. We often feel so lost and helpless, and wonder how nice it would be if someone could help us plan better- and make sure we follow that plan.

Is Your Signature Coaching Program Missing *THIS* Ingredient?

Have you been jamming content into your program just because you’re afraid that just you being YOU is not “good enough”? Have you been structuring your delivery format even though it doesn’t put you in the flow, just because others are doing it that way? Have you been talking about your offering in a way that feels icky just because you were told you’ve to “sell” that way?

Become More Marketable and Profitable In Your Current Business

Regardless of what business you are in if you are serving others you can add life coaching services and go higher. You can also continue to help those you are called to serve reach their goals and dreams in a phenomenal way. Becoming a Certified Life Coach can help propel your life and the lives of those you are called to serve greater than you can imagine.

3 Mistakes Coaches Make When Designing Their Signature Coaching Programs

Having a signature program doesn’t mean you’ll build a successful coaching business. But not having one means you don’t have something to sell and when you don’t have something to sell, you don’t have a business. If you’re ready to have a coaching business that is fulfilling and satisfying, you’d probably want to have a signature program that’s a reflection of who you are, encompassing your value, conviction and superpowers.

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