How To EASILY Connect With People

Possibilities Open When We Allow Unconditionally

Embracing Our Demons If we can accept that we are all here to learn, to be and express that which is uniquely ours to express and experience, then it’s easy to take the next step to understand that everything has the potential to teach us the lessons we need to know and to see and understand ourselves in the grand design of it all. By bringing the troubling feelings and emotions into the light, we learn empathy for the lesson.

How Can A Life Coach Help

Life coaching is an investment in your future happiness. Its an investment in you and it will benefit your entire life. A life coach will: * help clients set better goals * ask clients to do more than they would on their own * help clients focus better to produce results quicker * provide client with the tools, support and structure to accomplish more

Purposeful Aimlessness, An Alternative To a Goal Driven Life

We are taught that the best way to accomplish anything in our life is to set goals. But could there be a better way to live our lives?

Why Career Coaching May Not Be What You Need

Fed up with your job and wanting to move? About to be made redundant (or fearing that’s the case)? Ready to return to work after a career break? Retiring from your job, and wondering what’s next? If you answered YES to one of these, are you clear on what you want to do next and how to get there?

11 Key Principles for Succeeding in Network Marketing After Committing to The Journey

When choosing the network marketing company you decide to build a business with make sure it is an educated decision. Most people join a company on impulse or based on their emotions at the time. This could lead to disaster especially if you made a premature decision.

Finding Your Niche (Part Eight of Nine)

How you understand and manage who you are can produce some of the greatest moments in life. Your niche is a combination of nine key aspects of your life. When you find those things that make you uniquely you, there is a greater chance you will do what you are most passionate about. In the next to last installment in a nine part series, you will learn about the five parts of your drivers and how the inter-play between them can launch you to new heights.

Genesis: A Coach Is Born

Ever have a question lead you into a new way of living? A few years into coaching teachers in San Diego, I smashed head first into a cast iron question. Ouch! Is everyone meant to teach – especially children? It interrupted my thoughts, took refuge in my dreams and generally made for an bitter companion. (The answer by the way is “No”.)

Why Be a Life Coach?

The WHY for being a Coach is very simple: The more you spread happiness, health, abundance and joy to others, the faster and more completely you attract it to yourself. Know the most effective ways to do this, however, require a lifetime of experiences – either yours or someone else’s.

You Can’t Coach a Dream!

There are three “stages” of coaching that will be present in virtually any coaching situation. They are Desire, Vision and Outcome. As a coach, it is imperative that you not only understand the subtle differences between these three stages, but that you learn to skilfully maneuver your clients from one stage to the next.

Are Limiting Beliefs Blocking the Success of Your Coaching Business?

Regardless of what you do to build your coaching business, if you have limiting beliefs you could be sabotaging your own business success. Limiting beliefs are success blockers and money stoppers. But you may not even be aware that limiting beliefs are working against your business success as a coach. It is time for you to stop limiting beliefs before they stop you.

7 Keys to Magnetically Attract Your Dream Coaching Clients

As a coach you already have what it takes to magnetically attract your dream clients. How could business improve if you just learned one key that made a difference? This article is designed to provide you with inspiration and encouragement to attract your dream clients. They are out there, and you deserve to work with them, and they deserve to work with you.

3 Things Every Coach Should Have In His or Her Success Bag

As a coach there are things you need that will help you become more successful. These things are not so obvious at times, but extremely critical to the coaching professional. So what’s in your success bag?

Be the Boss – SWOT

Starting a business comes naturally to some, like running fast, being good looking or a musical ear. Most of us however, find the business of business more than a little intimidating. Yet if we plan to do something others might want to buy from us – enabling us to earn money from it, then we’re doing business. If we want this practice to grow and sustain us into the future, we need to prepare a little better than just painting a picture and getting some money for it. Especially if other people will be involved. One of the biggest questions we might want to as is “what?” what would I be good at that others would be prepared to pay me for?

Are You Playing Too Small As a Coach?

If you have a desire to play a bigger game, then you should. Playing bigger as a coach can mean bigger results. There is no need for you to sit on the sidelines, watching other coaches win in the coaching game, because you were born to win also.

3 Hidden Reasons Coaches Fail and Not Flourish in Their Coaching Business

As a coach if you aren’t aware of the hidden success blockers in your business, it could cost you clients, cash and the success of your business. Recognizing what can cause you to fail, helps you to develop a plan for success.

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