How To Detox Heavy Metals (Lead & Mercury) + DEMO

Have An Adventure Every Day

Adventure is defined as an “unusual and exciting, typically hazardous experience or activity.” Synonyms are exploit, escapade, deed, feat, experience. I truly think that an adventure can be less hazardous and just plain fun.

The 4 Most Unexpected Coaching Situations

Ever wondered what are some unusual situations that some life coaches are put into? It is through these interesting challenges, that people experience and grow better as a person.

How to Become Luckier in Life

How can you attract more luck into your life and are some people just born lucky? This was the subject of research by Dr. Richard Wiseman and his colleagues over a couple of decades. Dr Wiseman concluded that the only sure way to become more lucky in life is to kiss a leprechaun. I’m kidding of course. What Dr Wiseman discovered was that people who are luckier in life do certain things differently than those who consider themselves unlucky in life. These traits draw a remarkable parallel to the work that Dr Martin P. Seligman and his team did over the last 40 years which led to the differences between successful, confident and happy people versus those who lack confidence, tend to see themselves as failures, and who are generally unhappy going through life. More on this in a future blog but for the moment, here are the things that you can do to bring more luck into your life.

Do What You Love And Manifest Freedom, Joy, Peace, and More Money

Too many people have settled for living a life that they don’t truly love. They have developed the mindset that a better life is not meant for them. And many people who desire a more meaningful life just don’t know how to execute a plan to make it happen. If that is your story I have great news for you. Becoming a Certified Life Coach can fill in the missing gaps in your life. Yes… it is possible!

Are You Living Within Limits? 5 Career Coaching Secrets to Breaking Free!

A lot of professionals believe that they aren’t smart, attractive, rich, or lucky enough to have the life they want. So they don’t pursue a promotion or look for a new job when they are unfulfilled and not making enough money. Let’s discuss 5 career coaching secrets I use with my clients to help them break free of limited thinking!

Pain, Suffering and Sunscreen – Ironman As a Metaphor for Life

Why is Ironman such a great metaphor for life in general? When people look at Ironman the first thing they think of is that it’s a tremendously physical challenge… and they’d be right. But it’s more than that. The physical, although essential, is only one component of making it to the finish line. The other essential components are the mental, emotional and spiritual aspects that make up the human condition. These aspects are key, not only for Ironman, but for life. Let’s look at the four vital components that lead to a highly energised, productive and purposeful life.

Do I Seriously Need a Life Coach? No, Really?

This article shares some secrets I use to help others help themselves. You may need a life coach or may be you can do it on your own. Take a look and see.

What We Can All Learn From Ebenezer Scrooge

Charles Dickens is one of the most famous writers ever to take pen to paper and is often regarded as the greatest novelist of the Victorian period. One of my favourite stories by Dickens is A Christmas Carol. I loved Disney’s remake of it as a child and the message behind the story has always stuck with me… especially around Christmas time. For most of us in the western world, the Christmas and New Year holiday period is often a period of reflection and setting goals for the year ahead; an opportunity for change and growth. Unfortunately the majority of us never truly achieve what we set out to accomplish through our New Year Resolutions and this is where Ebenezer, through the artful prose of Dickens, can help us. You see, a lot of the time, it’s not our capabilities that hold us back from achieving the great things we would like to achieve in life, it’s our beliefs. More specifically, it’s our beliefs about ourselves… our limiting beliefs. Because without the belief that we can achieve something most of us don’t even try.

Stop Living An Unfulfilled Life! You Deserve Better!

Nobody has to live an unfulfilled life. You were born for so much more. Life is too short to live it unfulfilled. Nobody deserves that. It is time for you to be happier in your purpose and live a more meaningful life. You deserve it!

Four Reasons That You May Consider Hiring A Life Coach

Looking for some outside inspiration? A life coach can help you to make tough decisions, take responsibility, and get out of a rut.

Don’t Get Robbed Of Your Purpose

You were born on purpose with purpose. Every one of us has a calling on our life. And once we figure out why we are here on earth everything else can fall in place. Not understanding our purpose can cause low self-esteem, lack of confidence, doubt, and living a unfulfilled life. But knowing your purpose can unlock success in every area of your life.

The Story of Jerry and Jane or Is Coaching Useful?

Any challenge anybody faces lies somewhere in this matrix. Repair the matrix and all the Janes of this world have a good chance of making their dreams come true!

Your Website Is Your Representative, Not Your Replacement

Your website is not meant to be your only means of qualifying prospects and closing the sale. That’s especially true for people who provide professional services. The value and usefullness of a consultant lies as much in the ability to make a meaningful connection with the client as it does in the uniqueness or insightfulness of the information shared.

Are You Hiding Behind Your Website?

Is your website a funnel for new business, or a fortress that keeps ‘pesky’ customers at bay? Does your site function as a gatekeeper to qualify prospects, or like an armed guard who deters anyone from getting past the front door?

Understanding the Divine Plan for Your Life

Not understanding the divine plan for your life can mean that you are not experiencing your life to the fullest. You have been designed to do something that nobody else can do. The calling on your life is unique and sets you apart. Discover your purpose and excel in every area of your life.

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