How To Be Charming When You’re Nervous

The Ugly, Green, Outrageously SAFE Cellphone Case

If you know me, then you know that I am a fashion queen and I love beautiful things. I have very good taste for the fine things in life and truly believe that it is one of my divine superpowers. When I upgraded to the iPhone 5s, I was told that it was a very delicate phone that needed protection.

How to Find the Right Certified Life Coach Online Training

There are hundreds of coaching programs in the world, with most of them having an online presence. It’s up to you to take the time, ask the right questions (of yourself and of the program), and do the proper due diligence before you select one. Finding the right certified life coach online training will give you a significant advantage when you begin your coaching career.

How to Pick a Niche Coaching Business

Selecting a niche coaching business will help you focus your talents and skills, and narrow your target market to make marketing and promotion easier. Though selecting a niche can be a great idea, it’s wise to do a little analysis and research before your narrow your group of potential clients.

Isn’t All Coaching Actually Behavior Coaching?

If you are going to call yourself a behavior coach, you better own the name and be the best coach at coaching behavior. You may be one of the only coaches to call yourself a behavior coach in your market, but you’ll still have plenty of competition – every other coach in the area!

What Is Career Coaching and Career Development?

So, what is career coaching and development? It is a way to get guidance, inspiration, information, encouragement, and help in finding the right career, preparing for your dream job, and finding happiness and fulfillment in your career choices.

Excellence Isn’t a Surprise

Excellence isn’t waiting around the corner ready to jumps out and shock and amaze you. She is more like a calculator adding up your effort, commitment and persistence and the sum becomes the destination – Excellence.

Why Get Financial Help Even If You Have Low Income

We are the time we put forth. Financial education is a process.

Crying of the Disenchanted Millennial Worker and the Morals to Be Learned From It

To be a successful leader, you must learn how to be a successful coach and mentor. This is because coaching is the best way of engaging and consequently inspiring the millennial worker into peak performance. This is because the millennial worker is easily disengaged.

Life Is Too Short Not To Do More and Be More!

It is not too late for you do more and be more. There are still opportunities that are fresh, new and exciting. Opportunities that can change your life in dramatic ways. But you have to take the steps to seize the opportunities. You can do it!

Quality Teaching – Five Loopholes

No profession is as mysterious as teaching is. Nobody can assess objectively what a teacher does inside the class room. Nor can anybody constrain activities of a teacher in the class by suggesting what he/she should do. The quality of classroom ambience is the prerogative of a qualified teacher. The subjectivity within which teacher-student relationship is functioning is so precarious that teacher has total freedom to personalize it. Depletion of quality education in any society is due to lack of viable strategies to ensure whether there is inclusiveness in teaching. Whether teaching is taking place for transferring knowledge or transforming student life is the crucial question.

5 Habits to Develop NOW to Be Wildly Successful In Life

Andrea wrote me a question about my daily routines, disciplines and habits that I have in place that has led me to the successful life I have today. I LOVED the question. And today, I want to share with you my top 5 Habits to Develop Right NOW to experience a wildly successful life.

Why You Haven’t Achieved What You Are Teaching?

Not having enough evidence attracts doubt. Theories are not fact how things work.

Skills Needed to Be a Recruitment Consultant

In the financial services industry, why it is important to build lasting relationships with potential clientele & business associates. Improving the way motivated people connect.

Delegation: How to Delegate

Why is it so hard to delegate? It seems delegation either doesn’t happen, or becomes a business and life saver! This article discusses the obstructions and winning strategies for delegation.

What’s the Difference Between Little Minds and Great Minds?

Washington Irving made a quote that may be more eye opening than first meets the eye. His quote distinguishes between little minds and great minds. This article explores his quote from a counter intuitive perspective. While the difference between little minds and great minds may be subtle, the results are like night and day.

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