How To Be Attractive When You’re A Nerd

Why Not You? The One Question That Can Change Your Future and Your Life!

Success is not just for everyone else. It is for you too. Whatever is in your heart to achieve… it is possible. If you believe in yourself and take action there are no limits to your success. So don’t just dream it… become it. It’s your time.

Turn Your Obstacles Into Opportunities

If you have ever faced obstacles like most of us have, you can transform them into opportunities. There is not one obstacle you face or have faced that you can’t use to inspire others. You can either let your obstacles make you or break you, you can let them tear you down or build you up, you can let them keep you stuck or launch you forward… the choice is yours.

How Improving Your Coaching Skills Will Improve Your Life

When we improve our coaching skills, we not only improve our team, we improve our life. Here’s how to start building your coaching skills today.

Luxury Cars and the Homeless

We are driven for something. What is it? What does it cost you in your life, in your business? What are you going to do about it?

You Can Get What You Want

Complaining is worthless. You can get what you want, really. You must go past your comfort zone and ask and stand for what you want.

Should You Be Receiving Business Coaching?

The reason that many people choose to run their own business or see themselves as an entrepreneur is that they have the desire and ambition to control their own destiny. The mental rewards of entrepreneurial success are nearly as great as the economic rewards. There is a lot greater difficulty involved with doing business right now than recently, but it is still possible to do well with the right business decisions. In case there is ever a time when having knowledge in business could pay off, this is the time when business coaching might be your opportunity to prosper.

Stepping Into Your Power – Productivity With Ease

Many women experience stress and overwhelm in our daily lives – the burn out that comes from too much responsibility and too little time. Especially when those things collide with not taking care of ourselves, which is all too easy to do when you’re feeling stressed and overloaded.

The Importance of Coaching, Management, Sales, Training for Every Executive

To be the best executive you can be, you must truly understand the importance of these 4 words – coaching, management, training, sales. If you throw hard word into the mix, you’ll be one awesome executive. Hard work will make each of these four words even more effective, and you’ll be on your way to super success in the business world, Can you say “cover of Forbes Magazine?”

Entering and Leaving Part 1

There are many principles in life that are unchangeable. Regardless of one’s opinion toward them, they will not change. The way one leaves and enters a situation, is one of those unwritten laws of life.

The Difference Between A Rut and A Grave

The only difference between being in a rut and being in a grave, is a grave has an end to it. Many people get stuck into a rut and the same old same old lifestyle of events and none events, a bit like “Ground Hog Day”. Is that you? Coaching is primarily (but not exclusively) about asking questions; questions which are both insightful and empowering. Anyone can ask questions, but the timing and relevance of them, can build up and pull down. Finding fault is easy, finding solutions is an art and strategic in the discovery of self and one’s preferable future.

What Makes You Seek Pleasure and Avoid Pain?

This world offers so many pleasures, both good and bad. Some of the bad ones that we fall into can be alcoholism, sex addictions, food addictions, drug addictions and so much more. At the time we are involved in these addictions, the body feels pleasure; we feel a sense of satisfaction until it wears off and the pain rushes back in.

Tips In Choosing Coaching Classes

Coaching classes can help individuals improve their skills and knowledge. With these classes coaches can provide better services for their clients that can help them make their lifestyle better.

The Existentialism of Leadership Coaching Psychology

Bringing existentialism into your practice will allow you to truly emphasize the freedom individuals (including your clients) have to shape their own lives. As a coach, you are basically an existentialist – you work within the framework of each client having the ability to reach their goals no matter where they are now, and they are ultimately responsible for what they do (or don’t) achieve.

How Baby-Boomers Can Effectively Coach and Mentor Millennials

There has been a great deal written and discussed about GenY and their soon to be dominance in the workplace. How are we (Baby-Boomers) to prepare them to run companies, marketing campaigns, and innovation labs? By effectively coaching and mentoring them!

You Deserve to Live In Purpose

We only have one chance on earth to live a more meaningful life. That is something none of us should take for granted. When we are living in purpose amazing things can begin to happen. Things begin to show up that we didn’t even realize were missing.

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