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Client Is King – How To Understand Your Role As A Coach

No matter what you go through in your day, you have to be aware that your client comes first. They don’t want to know about struggles you may have had unless it is beneficial to both you and them.

How Life Coaching Can Help You Take Your Game To The Next Level

Have you ever watched professional athletes and wondered just how they become as good as they are? There is a secret to their success and it is a secret that you can employ in your own life to become as successful as you want to be. It takes time, effort, and a commitment to work with someone who is focused on your achievement. The athlete puts in the time, effort and desire to achieve but he or she is only as good as the person with which that athlete works that makes him or her elite.

Why Not Have a Career As a Career Coach?

If you have a burning desire to help others, are non-judgmental, are an attentive listener, and enjoy working in a dynamic and growing field, then this is a great choice for you. Career coaches also make a good living.

Is There A Difference Between Mentors And Coaches?

Entrepreneurs who want to market their mentoring and coaching skills may want to brand themselves as either a coach or mentor. Conversely, individuals looking to enhance their own skills may be in search of a coach or mentor. This can be problematic as these terms are often used interchangeably when they should use a clear definition of mentoring and coaching. Confusing them can lead to wasted time and money. Knowing the difference between a coach and a mentor will help you create an effective educational environment.

What Is A Coach? And Why Should You Use One?

When looking to improve one’s life, it’s possible to do so with the help of a professional. Yes, a coach training professional can help one get to the bottom of things. With this in mind, here are four reasons why people use a professional coach and what they do for most people.

How To Have a Fulfilling Life and Never Have To Work Again

Human life is covered by many mysteries. One of them is the fact that most of us will spend most of their life in a job that they don’t enjoy doing. As someone put it: “To be able to spend money we don’t have, buying stuff we don’t need to impress people we don’t like.”

What Are The Challenges of Our Instant Culture?

Instant Drinks, Instant Meals, Instant Messages. Many things nowadays seem to be accessible in an instant. However, is having something in an instant form also the most beneficial of forms?

What Is Coaching and Why Should You Care?

What coaching is, why coaching can be a powerful way to succeed in small business, and how to find the right coach for you. When you can clearly understand the value a coach provides, it’s much easier to decide if and when coaching is the right fit for you.

The Game of Life: (3) Three of Life’s Mysteries and One Bonus Mystery Unveiled

Always, yes always say that you feel good, great, and even exceptional regardless of circumstances, events, or your current condition, with a focus on a positive outcome no matter what occurs outwardly in this world or in your life, stay attuned with your inner-self at all times that is safe, protected, and just fine. Feel good about yourself and about Life. Simply stated, your feelings are the ultimate guide to a fulfilled Life and greatest measure of success that sustains who and what you are… think positive things that lead to positive feelings and a positive outcome is sure to follow.

Why Would I Spend My Own, Hard-Earned Money to Hire a Leadership Coach?

Stop me if you’ve heard these before… “No one is perfect,” “No one has all the answers,” “Everyone has strengths AND ‘areas for improvement'” (a politically correct term that Human Resources developed so as not to acknowledge that people really do have weaknesses and blind spots). The reason you’ve heard these sayings so many times is they are undeniably true. So why is it when some people become leaders, they come to believe they are supposed to be perfect, have all the answers and have no weaknesses. What?

Complete Process of Coaching in Business

In general, professionals who have a strong desire to develop themselves in a much focused way are good candidates. These individuals have been identified, usually by internal processes, as “Ready Now, High Potentials” and are on a track towards higher levels of responsibility in their organization.

Relationship of Coaching to a Company and How It Changes Your Personality

The coaching relationship is a confidential one. Coaches will share only information directly related to helping you achieve your goals. They will not reveal any information obtained in interviews, meetings with you, or from feedback instruments. They might prepare an action plan to help your manager continue the coaching process in the workplace.

Be a $50 Expert

Becoming an expert requires a tremendous investment in time and energy. However, the road to becoming an expert can start with one technique and a price tag of $50. How can someone become an expert with just $50? Read the article…

Coaching: The Holistic Effect

When most people think of life coaching they think of someone who cheerleaders us to achieve goals, tells us what to do, and maybe holds us accountable. Certified coaches, however, do much, much more and probably do not work the way you might think.

What Exactly Is Executive Coaching?

Executive Coaching is based somewhat on the model of sports coaching. Just as coaches in sports help good players achieve peak performance, business coaches help technically proficient professionals and executives overcome barriers to ongoing success in their careers.

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