Creation vs Destruction

Are You Considering Hiring A Career Coach?

Just about everyone could use a career coach, no matter what phase of their career they find themselves in. Whether you are starting a career, stuck in one that doesn’t satisfy you, or simply looking to make a change, a career coach can help you clarify your situation. You could find yourself in one of 3 situations: 1…

3 Reasons You Might Be Holding Back

Life is full of opportunities to move forward or retreat. People told them they were crazy. Here’s 3 good reasons you might be holding back when you really need to push ahead.

What I Learned in Rodeo Drive With a 13 Year Old

This past weekend I had the chance to take a personal trip to LA with my 13-year-old daughter and her friend. We were there to celebrate a Bat Mitzvah for the daughter of a friend of mine and we had plenty of time during the day to take in the different attractions that Los Angeles has to offer.

Complacent Completion Compliance

Quality and pride highlight value and excellence coupled with respect and dignity. These characteristics that should be automatic are harder to find and to live by in our instant satisfaction and gratification society. They may be vague but the tinkling of these remains and they are retrievable.

Tips for Immigrants to Effectively Communicate With Australians

One of the challenges immigrants face after coming to Australia is the different Aussie accent. You see, Australia is a very young and multicultural country. Many Australians are quite laid back and most Australians are extremely friendly.

Human Psychology – The Subconscious Mistakes Our Brain Makes Everyday

It is human psychology that our brain subconsciously makes mistakes. These mistakes are surprising but not to worry because none of them is huge or life-threatening though these are going to leave you stunned for sure!

Engage Your Audience

You have the privilege of speaking to an audience on a topic of great interest to them. The audience has chosen to devote some of their precious time to hear your message. Whether you are a guest speaker or you invited people to your own session, you are pleasantly surprised as you enter the room to see the sea of happy faces looking back at you. They are all happy to be there. They are eagerly awaiting the process of learning and entertainment that you have promised.

Procrastination – Follow the Flow and Leave Procrastination To History!

How does flow work and how can you use it to improve your results? In this article you will learn to understand some of the dynamics of flow and what skills to fine-tune to be able to use flow in your everyday life to create real and rewarding results that will leave procrastination to history!

Is Your Old Life Dying?

Do you feel your old identity and life slipping away? In this fast-paced world we are all being called to reinvent our lives like never before. Learn strategies for coping with this increasing prevalent phenomenon.

My Journey Into Life Coaching

A look at my journey into life coaching and a short bit about what life coaching truly is. I hope it can be encouragement to you to step up and face your dreams.,

On Mondays, Energize and Euthanize

What makes things tougher is when your week starts off on the wrong foot. Mondays have always been known as a tough day because Mondays, at times, have the ability to make or break your week. We shouldn’t let this be the case, but Monday does set the tone for the week. We need to make sure then that we are mentally and physically prepared for Mondays, and that we use our ability to change perceptions if need be. In other words, if Monday morning serves us a nasty looking menu, we can’t let it give us food poisoning for the next five days. At a meeting a few weeks back General Horst was speaking on the importance of energizing and euthanizing certain aspects to your business, and I began to implement this theory into other parts of life. So, if your Monday has stepped off on the wrong foot this week, I challenge you to do two things, energize and euthanize. Your goal here is to energize yourself and the little itty-bits of happy thoughts you might have on this tough morning. Then, euthanize the all or nothing and negative types of thinking.

Wonder and Delight in Just About Every Sight

The world is a wonder and so is life. How you view it and the actions you take greatly affect the joy you receive in return. How are you thinking today?

3 Keys to Empower Girls to Up-Level Their Self-Esteem

The self-esteem of girls is important to her success. Either she has high self-esteem or low self-esteem. If her self-esteem is low that can lead to negative choices. If her self-esteem is positive that can lead to positive choices. Empowering girls to up-level their self-esteem can help them live a happier and more successful life.

Integrating Work and Life

How integrated are your work and life? Are they in tandem, functioning as a whole, producing maximum results? If you hate your job or your life, feel miserable and mistreated, it is definitely time for a change. Sketch out an overview of work and life. Note how they work as one and when they move in opposite directions. Is there a simple cure or must you dig deeply, search your soul, and make drastic changes to regain the solemnity and comfort of living, the gentle beat and rhythm of perfection.

Is Becoming a Life Coach a Right Fit for You?

Becoming a life coach can help you to grow personally and professionally. It can also help you to live a more meaningful life. As a life coach you can help others achieve goals and succeed in life. Finding out if becoming a life coach is right for you can unleash a whole new world of opportunities.

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