Block Out The Haters With One Simple Trick ?

How to Do Your Best Every Day

Too often, we take advantage of our lives without fully living, because we push this idea of an ending out of sight; out of our minds.Go consciously in the direction of your dreams and live your best life now!

What Is of Value Within Stays Forever

What we value within in life as important comes and goes and shifts and changes and sometimes shifts and changes back. Major life events might change our focus and make us realize – with crystal clear vision – exactly what is important and meaningful to us.

A Silver Thread of Thought

In inevitable change, we cycle through the stages of life and learning. Did you ever find that you’re doing something, or believe something that you used to think was impossible, or silly, or something you mocked and made fun of?

Stop Sitting On Your Gifts and Become a Certified Life Coach

You have gifts that can change the lives of others. But you must take the steps to get your gifts out into the world. Your voice needs to be heard and your story needs to be shared. Becoming a Certified Life Coach offers so many opportunities for you to create positive change in the lives of others, and in the world.

Help Your Coaching Clients Reprogram Their Minds for Success

Your clients may not realize that the reason he or she is not happy is because they haven’t trained their mind for success. Instead of training their mind for success, he or she has unknowingly trained their mind for failure. He or she has programmed their mind to focus on negativity and failure instead of positivity and success.

The Purpose of Life Coaching: Taking Control

There are two kinds of people in the world: there are those that work to create the lives of their choosing, and there are those that are victims of circumstance – living a ‘reactionary’ life, responding to whatever comes along. It’s simple: in order to create the outcomes that you want for yourself you must first be in control of yourself…

Are Hidden Obstacles Robbing Your Coaching Clients of Their Goals and Dreams?

There is more to coaching than just helping your clients to achieve goals. Your goal as a coach is for your clients to experience life shifting transformation. Your coaching skills are a gift, and it is time for you to take your coaching gift to the next level. This is not coaching as usual, this is a fresh perspective on coaching and client success.

A Hidden Secret to Explosive Success for Your Coaching Clients

As a life coach you may be missing something critical in your coaching process. This hidden secret can make or break the success of your clients and your coaching business. If you take a step of faith and learn a new coaching skill, it can catapult your success greater than anything you can imagine.

Why Work With a Coach?

When you work with a coach you’re declaring an Intention. An Intention to step up and be counted, whether it’s in your business or your life.

5 Benefits of Being a Personal Trainer

From the outside, being a personal trainer has a desirable image. Easy going, casual and flexible schedule, generally good hourly wage among others. However, did you know that the average career of a personal trainer is only around one year? We go through some of the benefits of being a personal trainer and some tips to make personal training a long term career. This list is by no means exhaustive, and each point can continue into it’s own in-depth discussion.

Becoming Stress Resilient

I am certain you are aware that stress is bad for you and to put it bluntly. It can kill you, in fact. A study has revealed that stress causes deterioration in everything from your gums to your heart and can make you more susceptible to everything from the common cold to cancer. I trust you feel motivated and empowered to give your ‘self’ PERMISSION to get the help you need to manage your stress and learn to participate in your own physical and emotional healing. What would it take for you to invest in your own personal life map in order to become stress resilient.

Declaring Your Personal Independence – A Whole New Lease on Life

Fighting for your life is not the same as living your life! Look at it. Your Purpose. Your Performance. Your Life. What would it take for you to find the trust to do what you must to actually LIVE a life where you can be receptive to Personal Freedom and Inner Peace?

Polarity – A Cosmic Law of Transformation

Polarity is a mayor word in Self Help Metaphysics and positive thought transformation. Polarity is a vibration, an emotion that colors out your entire being, world and affairs. It influences your brain connections and defines your health.

Salving When A Solve Was Needed

Are you stuck on Band-Aids because Band-Aids are stuck on you? Band-Aids have a purpose. They provide protection when we need them. However, if the wound is more serious it requires a more serious solution. Problems are like that. Sometimes putting a Band-Aid is needed in the moment, but eventually they get dirty, lose their adhesive and many times fall off exposing the original problem. It went away for a moment and now it is back. Maybe you were ‘salving’ when a ‘solve’ was needed. Get ready to rip off the Band-Aid and address what hurts.

Tips on How to Face Job Interview Confidently

One of the main reason for candidates who want to get Job, is to face Interview. Don’t forget that interview is the main key to a successful job. As we all know that during time of interview candidates get nervous and start to behave confident less. At that point candidates forget all his preparation.

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