Are You Interacting With A Psycho? ?

It Is What You Say, Not Just How You Say It

An articles that provides insights to a few key speech patterns in our everyday language that go unheard. These patterns are born in early childhood and can manifest a life of unwanted outcomes or misunderstandings.

Job 911: Who’s Supporting You With Your Career?

Many people face a lot of pressure from family and friends about what position they have and how much money they are making. Most people have a lack of true support in with their career endeavors. You don’t have to be one of them!

Procrastination: The 4.5 Good Reasons Why You Do It

Here are 4.5 Good Reasons on why you procrastinate. Procrastination can kill your dreams and destroy your motivation. Here are the solutions to your problem.

Are You a Christian Woman in a Midlife Crisis?

This article highlights some of the dilemma’s midlife Christian women face. Also included is a short list of steps a woman can take to walk through her midlife crisis.

Why Go to the Trouble of Living a Healthy Lifestyle? Here Are Six Good Reasons and One Great Reason

There are so many good reasons for living so as to enjoy the best level of health and happiness, but one stands out. Before revealing the one great reason, I present for your consideration six pretty good ones. I think you will agree that the seventh reason is the best and, by itself, rewards the effort to act daily so as to enhance your prospects for realizing your wellbeing potentials.

The Sway Test – Helping You Make Decisions

For years now I have been using a pendulum and finger muscle testing for my clients. It’s like second nature to me and I trust it totally. But when it comes to using a pendulum and finger testing for myself I don’t trust it so much.

5 Great Motivational Coach Quotes

If you are a motivational coach, you are constantly looking for different ways to motivate your clients. You work with them to identify their goals, help them build a roadmap to achieve those goals, and then celebrate with them when they finally reach those goals.

Embracing Cultural Differences in Global Leadership

When considering cultural understandings, it is important to be cognizant of these differences, knowing that an individual’s cultural identity can have a large role in how they perceive the world around them. In NLP language we would call that understanding our clients ‘map of the world’, how they view the world through their cultural lens. Understanding and embracing cultural differences plays directly into the practice of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Coaching and is a beautiful representation of the idea that true wisdom comes from having multiple perspectives.

3 Ways To Take Your Joy Back

Are there things secretly robbing you of your joy? One minute without joy is a minute that you can never get back. We all deserve to live a joyful life, and now is your moment to eliminate joy stealers and release joyful energy.

3 Reasons Life Coaches Fail

Being a life coach can attract success or failure. It is important for you to attract the experiences that can catapult you to great levels of success. Being aware of the things that can cause you to fail as a life coach is critical to your success.

3 Takeaways From 50 Shades of Grey

As millions of people around the world, I also went to the movies to watch 50 shades of grey. The movie theatre was packed on Saturday night. Everything from couples to packs of teenagers; in my view too young for this movie; munching pop corn while watching scene after scene of what was supposed to be a very adult content movie.

4 Life Coaching Techniques That Get Results

The right coaching techniques get the right results – but what are the right coaching techniques? Though different coaches may prefer and use different techniques in their coaching practices, there are a few that can elevate your game to the next level.

Why I Belong to Mastermind Groups

I’ve been an entrepreneur for most of my career. As a mother of four, entrepreneurship allowed me to design a balanced life between being a mother and growing professionally. I’ve led companies in the apparel, technology, education and now professional service industries. All very different in their product offerings; but with a common thread: a clear vision, a solid strategy and a sustainable action plan.

Secret Ways to Conquer Shyness

There are no secrets to answer the questions about overcoming shyness. It is a matter of self-acceptance and overcoming your fear. But mind you, if you start practicing the points given on how to overcome shyness now, your monsters will riot inside your gut.

Are You Taking Full Responsibility For Your Results?

Many of us go through life thinking we’re taking full responsibility for ourselves yet never come to the realization that if that were the case we’d be much more likely to be getting the results we want. If you find you’re not where you want to be in life and aren’t living the life you imagined you’d be living by now, it could be you really are not holding yourself fully responsible for your results and just don’t realize it. If this hits home for you, have a look at this article and see if it sheds some light on this topic for you.

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