8 Signs Someone Is Lying To You

7 Ways to Rekindle Your ‘Zest’ for Life

Sometimes we can feel ‘stuck in a rut’ doing the ‘same old, same old.’ We become the proverbial ‘hamster on a wheel’. However this can also come with its own kind of comfort, it’s easy, we don’t have to stretch ourselves and we live within our own snugly comfort zone.

5 Key Points To Follow To Becoming The Best You

Becoming the best you possible is the greatest honour that one can give to one’s self and our Creator. You may not realize your full potential as an individual but the truth is, to be the best you all depends how you see yourself now and in the future… your plans, your dreams and your aspiration are all created by you. This article will guide and inspire you to becoming the best you.

Learning Disability at School – Why Some Students Have Learning Disability?

Some students try hard to study their curricula, but they find it hard to understand them. According to the National Institutes of Health, fifteen percent of the U.S. population, or one in seven Americans, has some type of learning disability.

5 Mental Habits to Quit to Live a Passionate Life

This article gives you 5 ways to improve your mental habits. Improving your mental habits will help you live a life you enjoy.

Inspirations Unlimited

We all need inspirations to help us in this journey called life. The following notable people have given me inspiration to pursue my life dreams.

Turning Routine Into A Positive Tool For Success

‘What you think about you become’ Buddha. Those famous words that any self improvement student understands. However, the masses can adopt this positive mental attitude thinking by opening up their mind to achieving success through a conscious approach.

5 Negotiation Tips for Women

Statistically, women make less than men in the US by nearly 19%. Various studies have indicated that they continue to make less even after controlling for all variables. While we can’t change the overall industry trends, we can help you do better at your next salary negotiation.

Everyone Needs a Life Coach

Anyone, who is committed to achieving anything in life, needs a mentor, a trainer, a coach, an expert… a qualified and experienced authority. You will find that you excel in all the areas of your life where you have a consistent coach. To stay in shape, follow the advice of a fitness trainer. To maintain a healthy lifestyle, subscribe to healthy eating newsletters and listen to food tips or get a nutritionist (I bow in shame). To achieve financial freedom, talk to a financial advisor, subscribe to money newsletters, listen to financial programs. To achieve spiritual clarity, feed your soul. Read insightful material. Learn about the laws of the universe, the theories and wisdoms that have been practiced for centuries. Search the web, watch documentaries, join groups, keep exploring, keep learning! You can find mentors and resources for every area of your life. Latch on; use them.

What Is Your Unique Coaching Proposition (UCP)?

A “Unique Coaching Proposition” is the perception a coach must create to convince the client that his or her coaching program is different from and better than that of the competition. Unless you can convey to your clients what makes your coaching proposition unique in a world of homogeneous and traditional coaches, you cannot target your niche market successfully.

Become a Better Coach Using Neuroscience

Whether it’s in business, sports, or life in general, the guidance of a good coach can make the difference between great performance and under-achievement. Neuroscience is helping us learn more about the workings of the brain and how it translates into behaviour – so clearly it is a field that any would-be coach should be interested in; nobody can hope to coach better performance without understanding the person they are coaching. What makes a coach or mentor good and how can neuroscience help them become better?

4 Waking Up Habits of Successful People

The way you start your day, determines the degree to which you will be willing to respond to your surroundings and how inline you are with the universe. Start your day with a positive feeling and enjoy the positive results.

Writing Your Resume, You Need Professional Help – No Kidding

Even very accomplished people sometimes need help describing their skills and achievements. They often leave out significant work-life experiences and stories of challenges overcome with dramatic results. Here is where a professional Resume Writer can help identify what sets you apart from the norm and makes you valuable to a potential employer. A professional Resume Writer can help you navigate the huge changes in career advancement and resume writing, due to the influence of new technology and social media.

Finding Your Niche (Part Nine of Nine)

In the final part of finding your niche, learn how passion is the capstone to your success. The level of your success can be (and often is), directly tied to how well you can align your dreams with your passion. In this final article written to assist you in discovering your niche, I cover the topic of passion. Those who are most successful are those who are most passionate about what they do. Learn how you can tie all of these aspects of who you are together to discover your niche and make a greater impact on the world.

If I Were 22, Again

When you’re 22 your life stretches before you, seemingly endlessly, and there is no great sense of urgency.Like a bird, you can be attracted to bright and sparkly things that catch your eye and send you off in new and uncharted territories. You are exploring, experiencing, experimenting with life. You are discovering who you are, what you value, teasing out the opportunities before you. What a great age!

The Black Dog

Most of us have experienced the dread Black Dog. That feeling of despair when you feel the presence of the dog can be crippling. How do you cope? How do you react?

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