5 Common Habits That Make People Dislike You

Coaching: How Can Someone Start A Blog For A Coaching Business?

There are number of ways for someone to promote themselves in today’s world, and one way they can do this is through having their own blog. This will also make it easier for other people to get a deeper understanding of what they have to offer.

How To Heal Your Language

Let’s be practical and mystical at the same time. How? Let’s see if we can put things in the correct words. Just the fact that we say that we ‘put things in words’ is very clarifying what actually happens. There is hidden energy in each word. It’s in fact not hidden inside the word as such, because different people release different energetic connections from the same words. The energy is hidden inside our ‘mind’ where all the other information is stored. We have a lot of memories and ‘stuff’ hidden deep inside our brain or mind or whatever you can understand with comfort.

You Were Not Born to Be Ordinary, So Stand Out and Be EXTRAORDINARY!

You were not born to fit in. So why even try? Too many of us worry about trying to fit into the mold that others have created for us. That hinders many things including our happiness and creativity. It is time for you to be the extraordinary person you were born to be and stand out in an amazing way!

Becoming a Life Coaching Client

Life coaches can a person become better, providing the client uses the coach correctly. Understanding what a coach can and cannot do is the first step. The client can then make an informed choice.

Learn the Most From Your Personal Branding Consultant Services!

Your brand is what you end up projecting to the world. Simple and precise. And like every other branding that you have heard about, a brand that is strong will always provide you with a leverage. The reason for this is quite simple.

Get Where God Wants You to Be

If you are not where you want to be in life then it is time to move forward. Life is meant to be lived. And that means living it to the fullest. Living your life to the fullest means emotionally, mentally, spiritually and financially. One of the things that can help you live your life to the fullest is doing what you were born to do.

You Are Needed More Than You Know

Do you know how valuable what you have to offer is to the life of someone else? Do you know that you can be the missing piece to someone living a higher quality of life? And do you know that you are needed in the lives of others a big way?

Conquering Your Calling As a Life Coach

Your calling as a coach is important and valuable to the lives of others. We all respond to our calling in various ways. This article will discuss 3 common responses to our calling. Two of them can lead to regret, but one of them can lead to fulfillment and success.

Simple and Effective Tips for Corporate Training!

People with the old school of thought would put this idea to trash. According to them, getting a corporate training done is equivalent to getting your shoe laces tied by your parents at the age of 30. On the contrary, the business situation has become so competitive of late that going through a corporate training becomes indispensable. Though, here are a few tips that the trainers must keep in their minds and even practice, for the desired output:

Mindfulness Based Coaching

What is mindfulness? Mindfulness is the intentional, accepting and non-judgemental focus of one’s attention on the emotions, thoughts and sensations occurring in the present moment, which can be trained by meditational practices. I find the biggest problem my clients have is anxiousness, depression, not being able to sleep, and especially for type A executives and CEO’s, not being able to shut off their minds and thoughts (always thinking about their business and how to improve it).

How to Build Confidence

Confidence, easier said than done. You would be surprised how many successful individuals cannot make the leap to becoming an entrepreneurs due to confidence and self esteem. I recently read an article in the New Yorker stating,”The fundamental characteristics of entrepreneurs isn’t risk taking; its self confidence.

Who Hires a Life Coach?

Successful people, that’s who! Many people know that professional athletes have coaches to push them to be their best, but what about top CEOs and entrepreneurs? You’d be surprised to hear that most of the top business people often hire coaches to have an edge over their competition.

The Art of Problem Solving in Ten Easy Steps

Problems exist all around us. This article talks about a simple ten step approach to effective problem solving that is easy to implement in most situations.

11 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Coach in 2016

Highly successful professionals hire coaches. How about you?

Elemental Psychology in Wholistic Coaching

It is our choice to use tension to create either growth and integration or shattering and disintegration in our lives. The challenge is to use our minds to constantly bring ourselves back to the union of opposites, back into balance. We will always and forever be pulled in many directions as our desires strive to be manifested-this is simply the nature of life.

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