4 Personality Traits Women Obsess Over

Success Coaching – Meet Your Clients Where They Are!

This is an article about sales and connecting with your prospects, but first I am going to tell you a story. I had been feeling pretty good overall, but then suddenly, everything was bothering me. My feet were sore, my shoulders were achy and my thumb hurt.

Sold To The Businessman In a Cold Sweat – Says The Business Coach

One of my favourite film franchises of all time is Christopher Nolan’s Batman. I never was into comics. But the “Dark Knight” trilogy really got me into Super Hero films. The way Nolan fit these characters into a realistic and believable “world” was second-to-none. And funnily enough, one character in it reminds me of all the self-proclaimed business “egg-sperts” out there. (You know, the ones who are trying to get you and other business people to spend tens of thousands on hiring them as a marketing coach/mentor… )

Attention Purpose Seekers! It’s Your Time!

If you are a purpose seeker then it is time for you to discover and unleash your purpose. We all deserve to live a purpose-filled life. That is our divine right. You must refuse to let anything or anyone stop you from living a purposeful life. This is your moment to live the life you dream about!

How to Come Up With A Coaching Program

Take inventory of what you have to offer your clients. For example, if you’ve had success in writing romance novels, then you already have something big to offer – advice on how to pursue that genre. Create a questionnaire that gets to the root of why someone may want to write in that genre.

How to Eliminate Self-Sabotage for Good!

As we become more self-aware we start noticing patterns of self-sabotage in our lives. Some may say that these are just bad coincidences that keep happening over and over, but I don’t believe in coincidences. {“In mathematics, two angles that are said to coincide fit together perfectly. The word coincidence does not describe luck or mistakes. It describes that which fits together perfectly.” – from the book Power of Intention by Wayne Dyer} In essence, these coincidences, these ‘happenings’, are matching our exact vibrational alignment to specific situations in our lives.

A Coach for Business Rebirth

Birthdays are rather special events. Last weekend we joined a street party to celebrate the Queen’s birthday. In fact it went on from lunchtime into the early hours. A group had been organized and they played throughout the afternoon. Beer was served with burgers, pork rolls and chips. All delicious and provided by the owners of Orchard Park Caravans where we are staying, a generous feast enjoyed by probably 100 people. To top it off a local ice-cream van arrived at an appropriate time and we were able to enjoy ice-cream. In fact we were blessed with sunshine for the only day this week and children and adults alike enjoyed the festive occasion.

Time With Intention: How a Life Coach Helped Me Manage an Unruly Work Schedule

I’m a nut for “productivity hacks”, to do lists and apps galore, but these things mean nothing when I’m facing down a story deadline or project. All those hard fought priority rules go out the window, and in comes the full blown panic and productivity lag that finds me wandering down YouTube makeup tutorial wormholes. Like clockwork, I forget how to work as deadlines loom. I didn’t see this pattern emerge until my life coach helped me discover it. Managing stress and anxiety doesn’t take a secret cure or hack, it’s just learning to manage. With the help of my coach, we developed these tools to combat the dreaded deadline funk.

Intuition in Coaching

An extra step surely takes you miles ahead in life. To gain that edge over your elusive goals, it surely helps to take a bigger plunge, endure greater risks and above all, seek help when you need it the most.

What Is Intuitive Coaching?

Is your life anchored enough without a true-spirited and compassionate mentor and guide? In this tumultuous journey of the world, it is natural to waver, falter and get distracted from your goals of life. With a companion to keep you grounded and focused, you are surely bound to leap ahead towards satisfaction and happiness in life.

Relationship Coaching for Women: Can It Really Help You to Create Relationship Goals?

My husband hates when I bombard him with a ton of questions all at one time. He says it makes him feel like I’m interrogating him. I don’t understand why. I’m not trying to accuse him of anything. My goal is to… Many women seek out and hire life coaches because they feel stuck in certain areas of their lives. Some want to improve their communication skills. Others want to lose weight and others seek out a coach because they are struggling in their relationships…

The Divinely Driven CEO

Are you ready to unleash your inner CEO? If you feel like you are being divinely led to start your own business then it is possible. And one of the great things about becoming your own boss is that you can work hours you want, days you want, and with your ideal clients. If that resonates with you then this article can get you going in the right direction.

Relationship Coaching for Women: 3 Things a Life Coach Cannot Be for You!

Whether it’s a life transition such as a job change, job loss, marriage problems, parenting struggles, or anything else, I’ve learned how important it is to find a place of stability and peace. Often when women go through many of these changes they find themselves seeking the guidance of a life coach. They believe a life coach will give them…

Relationship Coaching Questions to Consider When Relationship Problems Hit!

How important are the relationships in your life? Relationships are challenging and often require a lot of work on all parties involved. What is a relationship? A relationship is a connection between two or more people with a common bond, interest, or cause. It can often go in many different…

Message From the Universe: The Power of Your Thoughts and Actions

Your thoughts are the creation of your actions and beliefs. Without them, you have just an empty shell. You decide how life should go for you and no one else has a say over it. Go out there and show what you can do and whatever the outcome, always know you have done your best.

Message From the Universe: Always Remember to Visualize!

Message from the Universe and its interpretation. Laws of attraction at its best.

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