1 Simple Change To GAIN Respect

External Coaching Vs Internal Coaching

Coaching oneself has its benefits when compared to the investment required of hiring an actual coach. However, without the positive accountability of a coach, who can in many cases see things you can’t, and bring them to your attention, you run the risk of self-delusion when self-coaching.

Finding Your True Heart’s Passion

This article talks about the basic steps to finding your true passion in life. The article also gives the reader some tools and suggestions for getting started on their journey to find the true heart’s passion.

When You Come From a Place in Your Heart, Your Taking Action Is an Inspiration

There are moments when life feels like play rather than work. Here in your heart are the moments when you feel alive and happy and content just where you are, right in that moment, needing nothing more, life is an inspiration.

Transition Coaching: Where Do I Go From Here?

Some event has caused a major shift in your life and you are moving from the past to an unknown future. It’s natural to feel a sense of fear or disillusionment in these instances. Let’s explore three questions so you can find out, “Where do I go from here?”

A Life With No Regrets – Is It Possible?

Regret is a feeling that most people are quite familiar with. If you encounter it often, you may wonder if it is even possible to live a life free of it. After all, it is one of the most intense of all feelings. It’s a nasty mix of anger, sadness, guilt, and unhappiness with a situation past or present. It may seem that the more you try to get away from it, the closer it sticks by you- that the harder you struggle with it, the tighter it grips you.

Kingdom Keys: Three Basic Steps to Starting Your Day Off, Right!

So, you are awake. You may be thinking, “Here we go again”! Stop what you are doing now. You can excel to greater hieghts by practicing three simple steps daily. Let’s do this day, right.

The Model of Your World

Your model of the world is always transforming; spiraling ever upward as you grow and gain more knowledge. How could what you dreamed of 25 years ago possibly stay the same as you continually grow and expand your experiences and knowledge? Use this expansion to inspire your life and/or business to serve your best possible outcome.

Life Coaching Improves Your Life

Do you want higher self-confidence, deeper & more meaningful relationships, enhanced work performance, or improved work-life balance? Life coaching is proven to enable growth in those areas. This article discusses how life coaching improves your life.

Self-Coaching Vs Hiring a Certified Coach

Comparing pros and cons of self-coaching versus professional coaching. Convenience and affordability? Or the accountability of a personal relationship?

Seven (7) Ways to Experience Quiet Time: Balancing the Act

Quiet time within a balanced act is a way of building spiritual strength, becoming more sensitive to God’s ordained will for your life, and applying His Word to your actions. In order to feel less busy during the day, start the day with God, set order, and rest. Genesis 2:2

Get Yourself a Mentor and Start Growing

You are probably questioning– is it actually essential to obtain a mentor, or can you gain success even without someone lifting you up all the time? The reality is, not everybody finds it easy to get the motivation to do the ideal thing towards success. Moreover, some people may not even know what they need to do to tread the paths to growth and development. So, having a mentor possibly essential in finding out the ropes and obtaining your most valued objectives in life.

Starting Over? Redefining Yourself After Losing Your Job

This article talks about starting over and finding your passion after losing a job. It explains how utilizing a coach helped make the transition process more manageable.

Monitor, Control, and Mitigate Your Day

Monitoring, controlling and mitigating your day can help you to be more productive at reaching your goals. You will find time to fulfill and connect your goals to your vision successfully.

Five (5) Reasons Why Today Is Your Day

Everyone has probably heard that old saying that “Monday is a gloomy day”. In this article you will find out Five (5) encouraging reasons why this day is really your special day.

10 Steps to Fulfill Your Destiny and Purpose

Fulfilling your destiny and purpose in life can be challenging at times. You can achieve your goals by following these 10 easy steps. Start Today.

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